Gaming all the things

So I spent Saturday doing something really awesome (yay, I’m married now!) and I have had relatives and friends in town for the last week so my gaming time has been random and inconsistent.  I haven’t logged into WoW in about a week, but I definitely need to do that before that thing happens where I never log back in.  I have so many things to do in the game so I don’t want to abandon it yet!  But there are a lot of things vying for my attention right now.

The first is Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  You guys.  YOU GUYS.  I bought a 3DS to pick this game up, and it was so worth it.  I’m pretty much obsessed.  This game is relaxing, funny, sweet, and I just can’t help but feel so happy while I am playing it.  I’m enjoying my time fishing and collecting things and decorating my little house and basically just being the best mayor of Echotown ever.    I love it.

I also picked up The Last of Us on the PS3, which is a good zombie game from Naughty Dog.  I’m finding it pretty difficult (I have to play on easy mode because I find shooting with console controllers to be too difficult) but I like the stealth aspect, the graphics, the characters so far, and the setting is nice.  I am hoping I can continue and don’t get bored with the game, because I had to drive all over San Diego Country to find a copy!

In World of Warcraft I did quite a bit during the last play session before taking my brief hiatus.  I found out that leveling cooking is way easier now that you can just go to Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds and buy the ingredients right there, so I ended up leveling that up for quite some time and getting a few achievs out of it.

cookingI also joined a PUG and killed Galleon in Valley of the Four Winds.  I didn’t get anything out of it except some gold and this fancy achievement.

achieveSo that’s it for me in WoW.  I’m still trekking toward level 90 and should have more time to play this week. 🙂

This place in Krasarang is so pretty.
This place in Krasarang is so pretty.



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