Off to the Dragon Isles!

It's that time again - the time where all the lapsed WoW players like me pile back in to go adventure for another 10 levels of exploration, questing, dungeoning, and crafting. Dragonflight is OUT and I'm here for it. I got a late start compared to everyone else as I didn't start playing until yesterday.... Continue Reading →

Long Time, No Post

Oh hey everyone, I totally forgot I have a blog. 😉 (Just kidding, I would never forget about the 5 people who read this!) In all honesty, I've been blogging elsewhere about non-videogame things, and until Warlords of Draenor was released I've been spending little time playing games because I've been busy with work and... Continue Reading →

I Refuse to Believe that MMOs are Dead

(First off, an apology.  I have basically all but disappeared over here, but life + work + other projects have come into play, and good ol' CuppyVille has to sit aside while more important things come first.) When we last spoke, I was pretty enamored with WildStar.  I even made some kind of proclamation on... Continue Reading →

Unsure what to do in WoW….

It wasn't that long ago that I was talking about how overwhelmed I am in WoW -- about how it feels like there are endless things to do.  And here I am, logged into WoW, staring at my Druid and wondering what on earth I should be doing with her. It's weird because I'm certainly... Continue Reading →

Faffing about in various worlds

This past month I've felt kind of lost.  I've been roaming around, patching up various MMOs and other games, dipping my toes in but not really feeling that warm sunshiney feeling of true enjoyment in any games I've been playing.  I've also totally blogfaded as of late, because when I'm not super engaged in a... Continue Reading →

Farmin’ and Fishin’

Now that both of my characters are level 90, I've decided it's time to start on some of the other Mists of Pandaria experiences that I haven't done yet.  The first thing (after getting my enchanting maxed out on Jiraa) was to bring Treetopsy to Halfhill and start doing the farming and cooking dailies.  So... Continue Reading →

Ding! A Dynamic Duo

Ahh, Christmas vacation. I had a week of family time in Minnesota, and then came back to sunny San Diego where I had more time to enjoy WoW before having to go back to work.  I am super excited that I'm already level 90 now with my Shadow/Disco Priest Jiraa!  My time in Pandaria felt... Continue Reading →

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