Baby Tauren Tears & Healiemonk Mechanics

Oh my goodness you guys, no one warned me about the quest in Krasarang Wilds with Dezco and the baby Tauren!  I was all teary and I won’t spoil anything here, but jeez I was not expecting this.  Though it’s like the most common trope in any game or movie ever, but whatever.  I’m a sucker for adorable baby Taurens!

I’m still just questing along in Krasarang, but I did join a guild on Treetopsy!  I’m excited to have green text again and it seems like this guild is friendly.  It’s like, one of the top raiding guilds on Hordeside, but it’s also full of social/casual members so there are always people to chat with.  I’m hoping I can get over my fear of queueing for LFD so I can work on my mad healing skillz, and having a guild should help me out with that as long as there are guild groups going around for normal dungeons.

My fiance and I also spent some time last night playing around on our Gnome Monks.  We ran the Deadmines dungeon, which was our first dungeon together (we’re level 17 now).  I don’t know that I love the Mistweaver spec yet.  I mean, supposedly when I’m in my healieform, I’m supposed to be able to jab and kick and have it heal the lowest health person around me, but it doesn’t seem strong enough to do any healing worth talking about.  So basically, it’s just me doing some extra DPS and then casting my green healiebeam spell whenever our tank gets low enough.  Am I doing something wrong?  I kind of miss Druid & Priest healing.  But maybe it will get better as I get more abilities in my arsenal.

I also visited the Darkmoon Faire and did a few dailies, and couldn’t resist capturing a shot of Fiancemonk hanging out on the playground.



And one more adorable shot because newborn Tauren are SO FREAKING CUTE!


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