EQNext Wins Best of Show at E3


It’s no secret that I have more than a soft spot for the EverQuest franchise, the game (EQ1) that introduced me to the world of MMOs and the community that made me fall in love with online gaming.  I’ve also always felt that EQ2 is still in the top 3 MMOs every made in terms of sheer number of features that appeal to the type of player I am (tradeskills classes, player housing, player created books, mentoring, etc.) and not nearly enough people have seen the immersive massive world that it boasts.

So it’s no surprise that I’m excited and proud that EQNext won the Best of Show award from Ten Ton Hammer without actually even showing their game to the public!

While we are sworn to secrecy on exactly what we were shown, what we can say is that EverQuest Next was hands-down the best game we had the pleasure of seeing during E3 2013. Franchise fans and MMO gamers across the globe will be able to learn exactly why that’s the case on August 2nd during SOE Live when EQNext is given its grand unveiling.

That is some exciting stuff.  Normally I try to avoid early hype but I know enough of the developers on the team that I know something truly special is in the making and I can’t wait to see it for myself and experience it firsthand.


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