Remember When I Used To Blog Here?

Ah jeez, it's been a minute hasn't it? Or you know, almost a year..... You know what's interesting -- despite not having a ton of time to play games (I literally sometimes go weeks without playing a game), I still follow the MMO blogosphere religiously. I read just about every post (except ones about EVE, sorry... Continue Reading →

Sup, dude? My Druid is Level 90!

Yeah, somehow this just totally happened last night.  I saw a named in Kun-Lai Summit (Nalak?) and decided to kill it.  It took forever, being that I'm a slow lumbering Boomkin.  But it awarded me almost 300,000 XP and ended up being the last bit I needed to get my FIRST EVER LEVEL 90 CHARACTER!... Continue Reading →

Gaming all the things

So I spent Saturday doing something really awesome (yay, I'm married now!) and I have had relatives and friends in town for the last week so my gaming time has been random and inconsistent.  I haven't logged into WoW in about a week, but I definitely need to do that before that thing happens where... Continue Reading →

Lonely Times in Krasarang Wilds

Treetopsy dinged 88 last night, shortly after her first time stepping into Krasarang Wilds.  I love jungly zones, they've always been some of my favorites in WoW (Feralas is the best zone ever, hence why it's in the header of this blog) and Krasarang is no exception.  Though I haven't seen much of it, it... Continue Reading →

Done with Valley of the Four Winds

Though most of my time has been spent on my Panda Shadow Priest, I decided to hop over to my 'main' Treetopsy and see how life in Pandaria is treating her.  It's kind of difficult to remember where exactly I was in the scheme of things, but thankfully I had logged out in Nesingwary's camp... Continue Reading →

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