Farmin’ and Fishin’


Now that both of my characters are level 90, I’ve decided it’s time to start on some of the other Mists of Pandaria experiences that I haven’t done yet.  The first thing (after getting my enchanting maxed out on Jiraa) was to bring Treetopsy to Halfhill and start doing the farming and cooking dailies.  So far I still only have 4 plots to work with, but I just hit honored with The Tillers faction so I believe another plot or two are opening up shortly.  I find doing these Halfhill dailies to be rather peaceful. I know people have their opinions on dailies and not everyone enjoys them, but I never had a real problem with them.  I’m starting the Shado-Pan dailies on my Priest, and in addition to the Tillers I am doing the Anglers dailies as well on Treetopsy.  I want that water-walking mount for Timeless Isle!

I’ve also been doing some Auction House flipping, which has been pretty fun.  I’ve more than doubled my gold in just a day worth of buying low and selling high — transmog gear mostly.  Being on an RP server has its benefits for sure!  One of these days I’m going to hop back into LFR and spend a bit more time farming the Timeless Isle for gear for my Priest.  🙂

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