Ding! A Dynamic Duo

CaptureAhh, Christmas vacation. I had a week of family time in Minnesota, and then came back to sunny San Diego where I had more time to enjoy WoW before having to go back to work.  I am super excited that I’m already level 90 now with my Shadow/Disco Priest Jiraa!  My time in Pandaria felt pretty fast with this character.  I did a couple dungeons, most of Jade Forest, all of Kun-Lai, and then some of Townlong Steppes and then BOOM I became 90 just like that.  I still have never set foot in Dread Wastes!  I’ll have to go back and do it, just to see the storylines, get the achievements, and of course – GOLD!

The first thing I did after dinging 90 was buy the ability to fly in Pandaria, which means bye bye 2,500 gold and hello being mostly broke again. (Enchanting is the WORST for accumulating gold…)  I then opened my mailbox and took all those pieces of Timeless gear that Treetopsy had collected and equipped them, putting me at ilvl 467 since I’m missing a lot of the pieces.  I did the starting quests in Timeless Isle, killed a few rares, and then logged off for the evening. It feels good to be ‘done’ with leveling.  At least now, until I make another alt.  I’ve been tempted to make a Mistweaver Monk……


I’ve also faffed around a bit with Treetopsy.  She’s finally high enough to enter Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, so I completed the first wing and ended up with a sexy new weapon!  She is already ilvl 513 which is pretty awesome.  I did 25 man Icecrown Citadel with my new guild and picked up some achievements and transmog items, and also ran Ulduar with a couple guildies as well and got a few really sweet transmog items such as the Spire of Withering Dreams, which I think is the best looking druid transmog staff in the game.  All in all, it’s been a wild and fun few weeks in WoW and I’m still having an enormous amount of enjoyment in the game.

My new sexy weapon!
My new sexy weapon!
Hanging out with Tirion Fordring at the frozen throne, y'know, as I do.
Hanging out with Tirion Fordring at the frozen throne, y’know, as I do.

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