Off to the Dragon Isles!

It’s that time again – the time where all the lapsed WoW players like me pile back in to go adventure for another 10 levels of exploration, questing, dungeoning, and crafting. Dragonflight is OUT and I’m here for it.

I got a late start compared to everyone else as I didn’t start playing until yesterday. I’m sitting at level 62, still very much living it up in the first zone, and taking my sweet time. I’ve been doing every side quest, clicking all dialog options, and just slowly enjoying the ride. Knowing my playtime habits, there’s a high likelihood that I will get to level 70 and then stop playing for a bit shortly after, so there’s no compelling reason for me to race up to 70. And that’s great!

So far I’m loving the vibe of the expansion. It feels like a nice new story, the quests are interesting and well-written so far, the zone is varied and fun to explore. I’m enjoying the changes to the Feral Druid spec and I feel like my survivability is good despite my gear being old and crufty (i226). I’m really hoping to dive back into crafting for this expansion, especially since there’s been such an overhaul to it. I’m not sure I’m sold on sticking with Inscription, but I do like picking herbs and fishing so I’ll be doing those at the very least.

New expansions mean overcrowded zeppelins

I told myself I wasn’t going to play my Druid again this time around. Because truthfully, I don’t enjoy Boomkin or Feral, I enjoy healing as Resto. And I don’t do a lot of group content anymore, it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Which means I end up being stuck in builds I’m not a huge fan of. I was working on an Alliance Hunter, but she’s only level 48 and I didn’t manage to get her ready in time. But I’m also eager to check out Evoker’s healing kit, and I think I might do the alt game more during this expansion. I want to try out multiple crafting professions and I’d like to have an Alliance and Horde character. So I’ll probably do the ride to 70 for the first time with Treetopsy, my Feral Druid (swapping into Resto for dungeons) and then roll an alt. We’ll see.

I’m excited to be back in the WoW spirit again. This game defines me as a gamer, it’s really my happy place and it’s such a cozy world to enjoy exploring again. Hope everyone enjoys their Dragonflight time!

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