Ding 110! (And I Found A Guild!)

I don’t get a ton of gaming time, but I’ve been making pretty darn good use of it in WoW. Last night, while collecting an herb in Azsuna, I dinged 100 on my main girl, my Tauren Druid.  Now, I’ve been 110 before on an Alliance alt (go go “Double Agent” achievement) but I immediately stopped playing her after dinging. So this will be first time actually doing end game content, and I’m really excited for it!

Immediately after hitting 110, I went back to my class hall and picked up some quests. I then headed to the Timewalking vendor in Orgrimmar because I had a quest to turn in, and was shocked that he sold ilvl 880 gear for only like 25-50 Timewalker Badges! So I picked up a few pieces and now I’m at 828, which is enough to queue for heroics already! I’m a little nervous about jumping right in and healing heroics if I have to be honest. So my plan is to finish the last couple of factions I need to get to friendly in order to open up World Quests, then quest a bit in Suramar, and then maybe hop into heroics or LFR.

Which brings me to…..my new guild! I joined up with a guild named <Steamy Romance Novel> that I saw an ad for on the official Blizzard forums. They seemed like a good group to join up with. The best thing is that they have movie nights twice a week where they all watch together. Neat idea, I thought! They do raid and I have a goal of trying to catch up and get geared so that maybe I can join them. I haven’t raided seriously in WoW in a long time, but their raid times match up with my single mom schedule (they start at 7:30pm my time after my son is asleep and go until 11pm which is my bedtime). I could probably manage the 3x a week schedule, and it would be a fun diversion to keep me busy and focused in WoW.  We’ll see though. I have a long way between here and there, and I’m in no rush.


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  1. A little late congrats on the 110 levels 🙂 I play a Resto Druid too. I hope you are still enjoying your new Guild. The movie night sounds like a really great social thing to do!

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