Sup, dude? My Druid is Level 90!

90Yeah, somehow this just totally happened last night.  I saw a named in Kun-Lai Summit (Nalak?) and decided to kill it.  It took forever, being that I’m a slow lumbering Boomkin.  But it awarded me almost 300,000 XP and ended up being the last bit I needed to get my FIRST EVER LEVEL 90 CHARACTER!  I know, I’m slow and behind the times and this is not exciting news to anyone else.  To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what I’m even going to do with this character now. I found this amazing guide that tells you how to gear up after level 90, but to be honest I’m not finding playing my Druid to be terribly fun.  I have never really enjoyed the Boomkin spec, and I don’t really have gear sufficient to go Feral for soloing.  What I really love doing on my Druid is healing, but I can’t really solo effectively as a Resto Druid.  And I’m afraid to jump into dungeons with people I don’t know, and all my guildies are still in the early 60’s.

I figure I will check out the Timeless Isle and see what that’s all about as I hear there are some goodies that will be helpful to a fresh level 90.  I only did one dungeon in MoP, so I have a lot of normals I could do to just get familiar with being Resto again while I wait for my friends to catch up to me.  But the fact of the matter is, I have a ton of fun playing my Disc Priest.  It’s awesome that in one spec I can solo fast and also heal dungeons with ease.  I almost think I should just table my level 90 adventures on Treetopsy and just wait until Jiraa is level 90 to really dive into the end game content.  Decisions, decisions….

Kun-Lai Summit is gorgeous.  Have some screenshots.






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