Done with Valley of the Four Winds

Though most of my time has been spent on my Panda Shadow Priest, I decided to hop over to my ‘main’ Treetopsy and see how life in Pandaria is treating her.  It’s kind of difficult to remember where exactly I was in the scheme of things, but thankfully I had logged out in Nesingwary’s camp with a slew of quests to kill various animals, so obviously I was working on Nezzie’s quest line.  I spent much of tonight killing various foxes, deer, and turtles to finish up the questline.  Lo and behold, that was my last quest line in all of Valley of the Four Winds!  So, I’m finished with the zone and moving on to Krasarang Wilds!  Who knew I stopped playing when I was that close to finishing the zone!


I also found a rare named Jonn-Dar and decided to try killing him.  It look awhile but he wasn’t difficult, and I ended up getting a surprise achievement for it. Turns out he’s part of that Glorious! achievement that’s going to have me chasing down rares all over the damn world.  Oh well, one down I guess?

rareIt was nice to be back playing my druid, but I really dislike playing Boomkin.  Obviously it’s not feasible to quest while Resto, and I’m real bad at Feral (and don’ t have a gearset for it).  This is why I wish I could level something else up to experience the quest content and then just do instances/LFD/LFR with my druid.  Maybe I’ll do that….keep leveling up this Panda Priest. Or maybe a Hunter, since they seem to be great for soloing & questing…and collecting pets would give me another fun thing to do.  This game just has SO MUCH TO DO, it’s ridiculous!  I wish I didn’t always get distracted and leave the game for months to years at a time, so that I could keep up with everything.  There is no way that little ol’ me can keep up with it all… 🙂  Oh well, at least I won’t ever be bored!


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