Oh hey, I exist. You exist! Last year I came back here, posted one time, and then disappeared again. Hopefully I won’t do that again!

Over on Twitter, we’ve been watching the site (potentially) die a slow painful death. Elon Musk’s purchase has gone through, he’s slashing staff and making drastic changes to the site and we’re all talking about an escape pod. And while there’s some exploration happening into Mastodon (interesting, but perhaps too niche/techie for the masses, and maybe that’s okay), Cohost (very rudimentary and doesn’t feel like a Twitter replacement) and even Tumblr again… I’m finding myself longing for the days of blogging again. It’s nostalgia, mostly. I don’t have any false pretenses that blogging is going to really take off again in terms of audience and huge growth (RIP Google Reader) but I do find myself wanting a space to talk about the things that currently interest me. Who knows, maybe I’ll stick around here. I paid for the domain again.

This blog was initially created to talk about games. And while I still love games and work in games, truthfully I don’t get much time to play them anymore. Between work and parenting two small children, I don’t get a ton of free time. And the free time I do have is split between all the things I’m interested in: sewing clothes for my kids, reading books, watching TV, playing board games. Frankly, games have been at the bottom of the pile lately.

But there’s something new and exciting coming Soon(tm) which is WoW’s Dragonflight expansion coming. I’m very excited. I didn’t have a great experience with the last expansion — I got to max level and promptly set it aside. Maybe things will be different this time. But even if I don’t play end game, I’ll enjoy the ride again.

Anyway, I don’t have a ton to say in this first post. My family has RSV, I’m in the middle of an enjoyable book, and I am very sleepy. But maybe I’ll see you around here, hopefully?

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