Shake Your Merrymaker!


Last night, I was determined to get the final achievements that I needed for the Merrymaker meta and the title.  It ended up taking me all night, mostly because of the With a Little Helper From My Friends achievement which requires you to get 50 honorable kills while in a gnome disguise.  Jeez, I didn’t expect that to be so hard.  When you die, you lose the illusion — which is kind of a problem in battlegrounds where dying is unavoidable.  Especially when you are dressed as a gnome — it paints quite the target on your back!  I kept getting only a couple HKs before dying, meaning that it would have taken me forever on my level 90 druid where battleground queue times were 8-10 minutes.  I decided to hop onto my level 13 Resto Shaman, which ended up having shorter queues AND being a ton of fun.

On Treetopsy, I ended up joining up with a guild called Coram Populo, which seems like a really active RP guild with lots of events to partake in.  I’m hoping they are a great new home for Treetopsy.  I also had fun on the Timeless Isle last night, killing one of the Celestials and stealthing around to get my Blazing Chest (which had two Timeless items that I already had…..).  I don’t know what to do with all these Timeless pieces for roles that I’ll never make an alt for.  I wish I could give them to friends….but I guess that would defeat the purpose and all.

Merry Christmas from Jiraa!
Merry Christmas from Jiraa!

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