Journey to Pandaria (and new theme!)

Things were getting a bit stagnant around here, so I decided to liven it up by putting up a new theme.  Still have tweaks to make until I’m happy with it, but for now I’m really satisfied with the readability of it all.  Hope you like it 🙂

In gamey-land, I took a small detour away from WoW and played The Novelist, a simply wonderful indie game that came out last week.  It’s a point-and-click adventure with some small stealth elements to it, but mostly it was just a great way to tell a story about one normal family’s hardships during a summer vacation.  It affected me deeply because it tapped into the fears I have about parenting in the future — balancing my own life and career along with the needs of my family.  It took about three hours in total to finish and I’d strongly recommend picking it up.

In WoW, I’m excited that Jiraa is finally 85!  I felt like Cataclysm took forever to get through, even if it was only a couple weeks.  I really don’t enjoy the questing zones there, and I’d ran the Cata dungeons so many times when it first came out on my Druid, so nothing felt new and exciting.  I’m happy to finally be in Pandaria again, though I just finished questing in the 85-90 zones so I’m not super excited to do it all over again.  Having said that, I haven’t done *any* of the Pandaria 5-man dungeons so that will be a nice change of scenery.  The first thing I did upon gaining access to Jade Forest was hit up the vendors that sell green gear that replaces all of my Cata dungeon blues.  Bittersweet, but at least it looks SO AWESOME! (see picture)


Maybe it’s not the most Priestlike outfit ever, but I think it’s fitting for her first trip into the great undiscovered wilds of Pandaria. On Treetopsy, I respecced back to Boomkin and ended up queuing for my first-ever LFR.  I went to the first wing of Throne of Thunder, Last Stand of the Zandalari!  It was really low pressure since I went as DPS instead of healiespec, and I was able to learn the fights.  We had no wipes, no fights, no drama.  It was very smooth and I’m actually excited to run another one.


So that’s kind of where I’m at in WoW. I’m planning to hit up all the Winter’s Veil achievements this year since I’ve avoided doing them every other year.  Jiraa is going to start exploring Jade Forest and doing a few dungeons here and there.  Treetopsy is continuing to farm the Timeless Isle and do LFR, trying to see as much of Mists of Pandaria as possible before the next expansion drops.  And I’m going to try to avoid wandering off into alts or any other games, because Christmastime is when I usually start to get impatient and explore other things.  Like the new winter house in EverQuest II looks pretty enticing….. 🙂


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