Brief Update

Life in WoW has been pretty action-packed lately!  I have been doing a number of things that are occupying my time, and it’s been a ton of fun. On Treetopsy, my druid, I respecced her Guardian so that I could survive a bit more on the Timeless Isle.  I geared her up there with all the epic drops that rain like candy, but then decided it’s time to swap back to Boomkin. So today I have been working on gearing her Balance spec up a bit more, reforging to increase her +hit to the cap, and roaming around killing rares on Timeless Isle. That place is hella addicting, but so grindy.  I keep finding myself saying “okay, just one more rare and then I’ll go to bed.”  Finding out that you get better loot the first time you kill a rare each day has made me settle down with the farming though, so that’s good.  I even jumped into my first LFR (the first wing of Throne of Thunder) tonight and I got a cloak that was a massive upgrade. =)

On Jiraa, my Disc/Shadow Priest, I’m questing out in Uldum, about halfway to level 84.  I feel like 83 has been a particularly SLOWWWW level.  I’ve been doing some Cataclysm dungeons as well, but mostly I’m just eager to get 90 with her and do all the end game content.  So anyway…that’s my life in WoW so far. 🙂

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