Dungeoning and dungeoning

I remember fondly back in the day when leveling was slow enough where you could quest through all the zones PLUS do each dungeon multiple times.  Now, I’m just basically running the dungeons 1-3 times per unique Burning Crusade dungeon and I’m leveling so fast that I can’t even THINK about questing.  It’s a strange world indeed.  I’ve been hearing writers and commenters on WoW Insider talking about wanting faster leveling for alts, but I’m pretty damn casual and Jiraa is already 65 and rarely does anything but queue for dungeons with my friends.  Maybe on my next character I’ll be complaining too 😉  I already have plans for my little Panda Shaman, and a future Hunter (race undetermined as of yet).

I was pretty excited to get the robe I’ve been wanting, the Raiments of Divine Authority which is a recolor of the Priest Devout set.   I’m hoping for the Collar of Command and the Pauldrons of Suffering as well, since they’re so matchy-matchy.  🙂

WoWScrnShot_110313_215457I’m a bit bummed out that I didn’t buy Blizzcon passes this year, though we did pick up a Digital Pass so we can watch and enjoy the action from the comfort of our own home.  I’m particularly excited for news about the next WoW expansion, and I want to watch the Hearthstone tournament.  I haven’t played Hearthstone in awhile, but it’s an excellent game that definitely will have a place in my gaming rotation for the months to come.   I’m going to have to live vicariously through all the awesome bloggers who are attending, so make sure to liveblog all the action!


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  1. I’m REALLY excited about the next expansion given the alleged title floating around (about Draenor). It’s been years since I’ve been excited about an expansion announcement but that title has promise.

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