A Dungeon Sunday & My Wizard Hat

I didn’t get nearly as much time to play this weekend as I had hoped, but planning this whole wedding thing (mine!) is taking up a lot of my capacity to be organized and focused.  I played for a couple hours last night, and my goal was to venture to Hillsbrad and quest there to try to get more of Loremaster completed.  I queued up for the Dungeon Finder and ended up getting several achievements toward Classic Dungeonmaster.

dungeonsI was finding myself kind of disappointed at how low my Shadow Priest was on the damage meters until I inspected the gear of my dungeonmates.  They were all decked out in those legendary Bind on Account twinking gear pieces.  Since I was mostly in level-appropriate greens, it’s no wonder that I was lagging behind so much!  Getting those pieces of gear has never been a priority for me.  I’ve never had a max level character that didn’t use the badges on themselves instead of on heirloom gear.

I did get a Noble’s Robe which I think is a pretty yet simple robe that drops in the Stockades.  It has the same model as a lot of other robes, but I believe its color is unique 🙂  It looks kind of good with my Faded Wizard Hat, which I am wearing until I get a hat item with stats but then never deleting.  This hat is awesome!  I got it after a long quest chain in Azshara, and it turns you into a random illusion for 30 minutes on a 30 minute cooldown. Meaning that I could be transformed 100% of the time if I actually wanted to do so.  Apparently the transformation used to persist after taking the hat off but this was hotfixed.  Making it less useful if I’m trying to do Serious Stuff ™ but perfectly satisfactory for goofing around (which is what I do 90% of the time anyway).

I put on my robe and wizard hat....
I put on my robe and wizard hat….
And look what the hat does....
And look what the hat does….

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  1. I didn’t know about that hat. Might have to look in to getting it for some of my characters (I like to goof around a lot as well). 😀

    Oh, and grats on the up coming wedding! 🙂

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