Azshara complete, onward!

This game, you guys, this game.  Just when I think I’m done and I’ve moved on to either a new MMO or single player game, I find myself sucked back into Azeroth.  This game is just so good.  I’m not shy to admit it.  I was away on a business trip for a few days this week and pretty much every moment I was wishing I was playing World of Warcraft.  I just feel like I have a whole lot going on and so many things to do!

The good news is that after questing around last night, I’ve finally completed 100 quests in Azshara for the achievement!  I’m not actively trying to complete Loremaster, but I’d love for it to happen someday and this is a start.

1I found most of the quests in Azshara to be generic and not terribly exciting.  However, all of the quests with Azuregos were awesome!  The entire quest chain including the Mage Trial quests was actually really great and it’s worth doing Azshara just for this quest line.  Plus the Mage Trials offer up a few achievements!  Somehow I only got two of them though. 😦

gluttonLittle Zenniya (my Pandaren Priest) is now level 24, which means something else exciting.  Shadowform!  Yep, that’s right, I finally look like the Shadow Priest that I am.  I kind of think Pandarens look silly as Shadow Priests though, but maybe it will grow on me.

WoWScrnShot_060113_002131I’m trying to decide which zone to go to next.  I still have a lot of Kalimdor zones left for the questing achievement so I might head to another Kalimdor zone and see if I can’t get myself into trouble.  A new zone is exciting because it means… battle pets to catch!  Woohoo!

I’m having a pretty lonely existence on my Pandaren since the guild I was in fell apart and seems to be nowhere to be found.  I’d like to find a different guild but I’m looking for the most perfect situation and I’m not sure I’ll find it.  I just want to find a group of active people to play with who don’t mind me popping in and out, like to do old zones for achievements and transmog gear, and run dungeons and do fun stuff.  I don’t care about raiding (at least right now).  I’m still on Wyrmrest Accord but I’d consider rerolling or transferring if the perfect guild out there is waiting for me elsewhere.  Comment and let me know!





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  1. Oh, I’ve left Wyrmrest-Accord behind a couple of times in search of “perfect” situation and always end up coming back. I found my prefect situation right here at “home” by creating my own guild and occasionally partnering with other guilds for some of the more heavy duty adventuring. All in all, it’s been fairly easy to use my RealID an Battletag contacts to keep me busy and enjoy all facets of the game. It’s less expensive than transferring your character to another realm. Hang in there, things will happen. 😀

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