Adventures Back in Azeroth


Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I patched up WoW and logged quite a bit of hours spread across a couple different characters.  Every time I take breaks from WoW and come back I am greeted by such a vibrant and deep world and I always wish I’d never left.  This time was no different.  All it takes is spending a bit of time in another various MMO to make you realize why WoW is the titan that has had such longevity at the top.  Cue the haters — but it’s such a brilliantly crafted game.

Half of my time was spent roaming around Azshara on my Pandaren Priest, who is now level 21.  I’m a bit overleveled for the zone (since I ran a dungeon the last time I played her) but I’m about 70/100 quests through the zone and I want to finish it with Loremaster in mind.  I just love that all of this is accountwide now so I can play all sorts of different characters and end up getting achievements anyway.  I also did a bit of pet battling with her, though I didn’t catch any rares in Azshara.  I do think the Turquoise Turtle is so darn adorable, so I was happy to pick that one up for my collection.  Since I dinged level 20 I was able to pick her up a mount, which speeds up our traveling around just a little bit.  Every bit helps!

I also managed to convince Mr. Cuppy to log in and play by telling him that we could make new little Gnomes.  We decided to both make a monk, him a tankymonk and me a healiemonk.  So far the class seems interesting, though I’m only level 11 so I don’t have a whole lot of abilities in my arsenal to play around with yet.  The chi mechanic is interesting, though it takes awhile to get used to the fact that you’re not supposed to hoard chi like you do with rogue energy.  I also introduced my fiance to the world of pet battling and he found it pretty addicting!  I even managed to pick up a rare Fluxfire Feline and a rare Alpine Hare!  Who knows how long we’ll continue to play those characters, but I had a blast roaming around with him, questing and finding pets to battle.

Hey, it's a little cameo from everyone's most (least) favorite League of Legends champion!
Hey, it’s a little cameo from everyone’s most (least) favorite League of Legends champion!

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