Adventuring in Pandaria

There is only one simple problem with Mists of Pandaria so far, and that is that I haven’t gotten enough of a chance to play it.  Between being tired, working, and not feeling well lately, I’ve only spent a few hours exploring these new peaceful lands.  But those hours were spent in pure bliss and enjoyment.  I truly believe that this is Blizzard’s masterpiece.

The world is vibrant, rich, and just gorgeous to look at.  I’m finding myself stopping and just enjoying the scenery around me, which is bad for my XP bar and good for my enjoyment of the game.  I haven’t seen hardly anything yet.  I made a Pandaren Priest and got her to level 5 or so.  I started the new quests in Jade Forest and made it less than 1/4 of the way through level 85.  I trained my herbalism and collected a few leafy greens but I haven’t done a thing with Inscription.  And I haven’t tried pet battling yet, which is something I am genuinely fearful of starting because I know it’s something I’ll become addicted to.  I’m loving the little stories and finding myself truly caring about these new Pandaren people.  What are they all about?  Where and how do they live?  What is their culture, and how can I be respectful of it?  I couldn’t agree with BBB more, this is a land full of life.

I have far too much left to see in the expansion to make any sort of declarations about it.  From reading the chat in Jade Forest, some of the more immature players aren’t really stopping to immerse themselves in the new world.  Between them and the players who have already rushed to level 90, I just don’t understand why someone would squander the opportunity to take in all of Blizzard’s intricate creation at a pace and intensity that allows them to really feel what is happening all around them.

I’ll leave you with a few screenshots, and meander my way back into the game.

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  1. I believe in Real ID I referred to the Wandering Isles chat as a Fungus of Stupidity…it was just absurd last night. Middle of the day today? Much better AND quieter. It made taking screenshots for the second panda story easier. Course, I still have to finish the zone and crop some pics and then write it up…I just hope it comes across as well as the first one.

    And don’t try pet battles. Seriously. Those of us who wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH IT are hooked…what’s that tell you about your odds? 😉

  2. Love the screenshots! It’s always nice to see a new perspective on the game 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying to so much even if it’s slow levelling, but I can relate to that too 😛

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