Screenshot Dump

I’m not 86 yet, but I’m 3/4 there.  As expected, I just took a serious left turn and got completely turned around after discovering the glory that is PET BATTLES.  They are crack.  I’m not even kidding, I cannot stop.  But tonight I took another trip back into Pandaria and Jade Forest and enjoyed every minute of the quests.  I also trained my Inscription and got to level 550 in it, and ran around and did some collecting of tea leaves for Herbalism.  Some guildies of mine are level 90 and I’m ages behind, but that’s okay.  I generally am. 🙂

I’m not going to spoil anything, but I just did a great quest line with a *cough* Alliance prisoner that was a loregasm and a half.  And I loved how interactive the story telling was.  The scenery takes my breath away. I am utterly in love with WoW again and this weekend I plan to submerge myself in it and only come up for air when absolutely necessary for survival.   And goodness, the baby Pandaren are precious!  Squeee!  Here’s a set of screenshots from my play session this evening.


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