Not the sparkly vampire kind of Twilight….

My guild does these “Raid Mount Runs” where we go back and tackle some older zones to try and get mounts for our members.  Typically, I’ve missed them as I’ve been busy and they’re at times when I haven’t been able to log in.  Last night the stars aligned and I went to my very first run.  We did Onyxia 25, VoA 25, and OS Sarth 3D, and can you even imagine what happened……

Holy crap, this Twilight Drake is mine!

The only mount that dropped all night ended up in my backpack.  What luck!  I typically never have this kind of luck while rolling on things that other people want, so I was so overjoyed and excited.  I can’t even believe  it.  I’m now armed and ready for Pandaria with a huge set of new achievements along with a new shiny dragon to ride around on!

Speaking of Pandaria, I’m a bad scribe.  I’m only at 502 skill, mostly because I haven’t taken the time to go herbing in awhile and herbs are 100g per stack on the AH.  I don’t have that kind of cash!  So last night I roamed around Twilight Highlands (it was a Twilight themed night, okay?) to collect herbs. I kept getting distracted by the sights, as this zone is seriously gorgeous.  The only problem is that taking screenshots doesn’t do it justice at all, because it’s near impossible to time the shot for when there is lightning flashing on the screen!  Argh!  Anyway, enjoy some screenshots of my time in Twilight Highlands.

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  1. Wanna get that kind of cash? Start making Monk Glyphs. And learn any minor ones if you don’t have them all yet. There’s Glyph profit to be had still, and with Pandas and Monks coming you can expect the opportunity to continue.

    I love running Sarth 3D because even if you’ve run all instances with a chance for a mount drop, his is a guarantee on 10 or 25. Someone’s coming out a winner, Illidan be damned!

    1. I had no idea that Sarth dropped a mount every time! That is awesome to know. 🙂

      And yeah, I know I should make monk glyphs. I’m so lazy nowadays!! I blame GW2.

      1. Mmmm…Tyria goodness…..*drool*

        Though I realize I haven’t logged on since Saturday morning.

        Yeah, with three drakes up, Sarth is a guaranteed mount drop. I can’t remember if I have both now or just one. When I’m logged in I will have to check.

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