Lightyears behind, I have explored Eastern Kingdoms

I have enormous gaps in my WoW experience, because I played off and on in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.  When achievements were first released I was super excited about getting them all, and started discovering all the zones.  However, I somehow never made it to Blood Elf land, because I had Eversong Woods and Ghostlands left to go.  Finally, I got the Explore Eastern Kingdoms achievement, despite only coming here to get the three Dragonhawk Hatchling pets that Jilanne sells.

This is why it’s so interesting to me to read WoW blogs from people who are getting bored or burnt out on the game and are awaiting MoP.  I couldn’t possibly finish everything I want to do before the expansion comes out.  There are so many things I have yet to do.  I haven’t maxed any of my tradeskills, I have barely started Archaeology, I haven’t done all the zones or the heroics.  I barely have any reputations to Exalted.  I feel like a complete noob, yet Treetopsy (my main) does have 41 days on her.  I only have ~35 pets, haven’t even seen the whole game yet.  I only have 317/1400 achievements completed.  I know that when MoP releases, I will still be far behind everyone else.  And that’s okay with me!  It’s nice to have a wealth of resources on the web from bloggers who were kind enough to write about their experiences.  I also am enjoying the fact that there aren’t that many people farming the pets I want to collect.  It’s almost as if I have the game to myself.

However, there is still something missing.  I have been playing WoW like a solo game for years now, because since all my RL friends stopped playing I haven’t found a guild that I mesh with.  I just applied to a new social guild and transferred Treetopsy to Wyrmrest Accord in hopes of finding a likeminded group of people to hang out with.  I want to transmog, do achievements, run instances, and collect pets & mounts.  It’s just kind of lonely when you’re by yourself.  I’m going to start doing the Laid Back Raids with JD (Amateur Azerothian) in hopes of meeting more nice people.  But until that happens, I’ll be the one exploring Azeroth and getting excited about content that is years old by now. 😉

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