Shared Topic: Single Realm for All?

This week’s Shared Topic by Frinka of Warcraft Street asks:

If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not?

I thought long and hard about this one, and I think that I would actually love if this were the case.  Like I mentioned in my last post, my WoW experience is mostly a lonely one.  The friends I have who still play the game are spread out across servers, and all of the great bloggers I’d love to join up with are also spread out.  I imagine what life would be like if we were all on one server and it seems like a very lively WoW experience with tons of people to enjoy the game with.

However, there are some logistical problems that would prevent this from being able to happen, I think.

  • How would server performance be handled for people in different locations in the world?
  • How would one go about ‘hiding’ from other people if they need some alone time?  I suppose you wouldn’t have a need for RealID anymore, so you could just create an alt and spend your time there.
  • Naming would be a fiasco — your name would almost certainly be taken long before you could reserve it.  Every good name would be taken and people would end up being named Jjklejgeiegjkj.  Yikes.
  • Rare spawns would be a nightmare to farm.

I’m sure there is more technical nightmares behind the scenes that would prevent this from being a reality. I like the way The Secret World does things.  There are different servers (called dimensions) but you can chat cross-server, join guilds cross-server, and group up for quests & dungeons cross-server just as easily as being on one server.  This helps out all of those logistical issues that I mentioned above.

4 thoughts on “Shared Topic: Single Realm for All?

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  1. Maybe just cross-realm would be best, and that way we each have our little neighborhoods, and use the power of good technology to be closer when we want, and be able to draw the blinds when we need to, too….very interesting thoughts!

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