I wish I could be a WoW altoholic…

Pawtopsy, my new feral druid Night Elf alt.

I have a confession to make: I’m not an altoholic.  I am seriously jealous of WoW players who can shelf their main and roll up something new over and over again; I have this awful attachment to my main character that I just can’t shake.  In a perfect world, I can have a character for every season so that I can try out every class, race, starting area, faction, and tradeskill.  But alas, I really really suck at alts, just like Matthew Rossi.

The biggest reason that I am so terrible at alts is that I think my druid (Treetopsy) is perfect.  I love that she’s a cow, I love being a druid, and I love that I’ve been playing her since 2004 and she’s been everywhere with me.  She was my level 49 PvP twink, she raided vanilla Molten Core with me, she’s the only character I’ve maxed out fishing on, she’s the furthest along in Loremaster, she has the most achievements, and she’s just synonymous with my WoW representation of self.  There really isn’t much of a WoW without Treetopsy.

Whenever I make another character, I continuously compare it to my main and it just never stacks up.  All I can think about is how I’ll have to save up money to buy mounts and flying skills all over again, that I don’t have all the flight paths, that the character doesn’t have any achievements.  Every minute that I spend on an alt feels like time wasted that I could be putting into my druid, and I know that logically that doesn’t make that much sense.  In theory, I want to not care.  If I make a class like a priest or shaman, I spend the entire time comparing it to the druid and end up sad that I don’t have stealth, sad that I can’t shapeshift or fly instantly, disappointed that I can’t “do it all” like I can with the druid class.  It’s silly and it makes me angry that I feel this way.

I want to love playing alts.  I’m starting slowly this time by making yet another druid, but she’s a Night Elf and will be feral rather than Resto/Balance.  But I’m terrified that something is going to happen such as I’ll end up looting the Raven Lord mount with her and then I won’t have it on Treetopsy.  WHAT WILL I DO IF THAT HAPPENS?!?!  I don’t even want to think of it.

Maybe I’m a completionist.  I’m certainly quite casual — my druid only recently dinged 85 and she’s poorly geared and hasn’t done any raiding in Cataclysm. I haven’t grinded any rep with her, and I haven’t really done much achievement-chasing at all.  But if I do any of those things, I feel like it has to be on her and not some newfangled alt.  I really want to buck this habit though, I want to love making different alts and dressing them all up in different transmogging outfits.  How can I train myself to let go a little bit?

One thought on “I wish I could be a WoW altoholic…

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  1. I’m the same way with my alts. When I was working on a series of achievements on my main, every moment on an alt made me feel guilty – “I should be doing this on my main!”

    The good news is that when mounts are shared across characters, you can farm on an alt and your main will still get it 🙂 Then again, a special point of druids is that they can perform all roles, including going feral to solo stuff!!

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