Making my way to Darkshore

Have I mentioned that I really like Druids in robes?

Pawtopsy (my new Night Elf Druid) is level 12, and therefore has received her breadcrumb quest to head to Darkshore.  It has been years since I have played an Alliance character above level 8, and I have therefore missed out on much of the changes that have befallen Darkshore.  My first surprise was that I no longer have to take a boat from Rutheran Village.  I found this out when I accidentally hopped on the Stormwind boat.  I asked around to make sure I was headed to the right place, and a lovely Human rogue RPed with me and walked me over to the other boat.  Sadly, I found out that boat took me somewhere else entirely (I think it was the Draenaei starting area, but I can’t be sure).  So apparently, I’m not the only one who didn’t know that you now have to fly by griffin to get to Darkshore.

Once I arrived, I was introduced to the story in which Night Elves are fleeing from Auberdine.  From what, exactly?  It seemed like evil elementals were the threat, but I can’t be sure.  I disposed of a few of them and helped save several elves who were struggling to escape.  I also trained fishing and spent a few minutes attempting to catch some Darkshore Grouper, but I grew tired of it quickly after 20 casts got me exactly one of the fish I was looking for (when I needed 4 to complete the quest).  I finished my evening by killing many bear and skinning them for scraps that I’ll attempt to make a creation from, then heading back to Darnassus to rest for the night.

I finished the night with Pawtopsy at level 13 after a couple hours of messing around and listening in on some interesting Night Elf RP in Darnassus.

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