20 Days of WoW Blogging, Day 1: Introduction

So, I’m not new to blogging but I’m new to THIS blog.  I started out blogging with my own MMO gaming commentary site, Cuppycake.org (CuppyTalk) in 2006, which ended up landing me a job in the industry.  Since then, I haven’t been able to keep up with any kind of blog without abandoning it.  So here is hoping that I can maintain this one without my fleeting interests pulling me away.  I also run a blog here, but it’s a mishmash of gaming, RL, career, and industry news.  I really just wanted a place to call my own for WoW purposes, so that’s where CuppyVille comes in.

I’ve been reading many WoW blogs for a long time, and I have some personal favorites.  These tend to be bloggers who don’t focus on PvE raiding, but instead on the lighter and more casual sides of WoW.  In particular, achievements, pet collecting, and the newest craze — Transmogrification. I love seeing people’s outfits, and though I haven’t dived into the world myself, I’m getting tons of inspiration and I’m excited to start creating outfits.

My main is Treetopsy, a druid that I started in 2004 when WoW first came out.  She’s only recently dinged 85, because my RL obligations mean little time for WoW lately.  She’s resto but spends a lot of time in Boomkin for soloing, which isn’t my favorite thing in the world as I really don’t enjoy looking at a giant chicken.  Lately, I’ve been playing a little baby Night Elf Druid alt, which I hope to make feral (as being a kitty and a bear is infinitely better than being a chicken).

So what will this blog contain?  Probably a bit of me navigating returning to WoW after a year+ hiatus, playing my characters, getting involved in the non-combat aspects of the game.  You likely won’t find guides, and despite being in the Mists of Pandaria beta — I doubt I’ll ever log into it because I hate spoilers with a passion.

I hope to start growing this blog and writing fun and interesting content.  🙂  Here’s to a new adventure!

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