ArcheAge Founders Packs are Live (But They’re Not Cheap)

Though it was leaked early on Massively (so it isn’t a huge surprise), Trion released their Founders Packs for ArcheAge today on their online store.  The prices and rewards vary, but you can see the full list below of everything you get.  Keep in mind that ArcheAge is a free-to-play game with a subscription option, so these Founders Packs most closely resemble the ones that Sony Online did for Landmark this year.  More thoughts below the image….

founder1 founder2

Some players are seriously upset about this, claiming that the prices are too high and Trion are cash-gouging and that having to buy your way into alpha is unfair especially when the game has been live in another country for a year already.  Personally, I don’t have any issues with it.  Clearly an alpha means that the game isn’t ready for primetime yet — isn’t ready to hold the swarms of players who want to get in the game.  They can either continue by being selective themselves and choosing streamers, fansite operators, and community influencers, or they can make it completely random (letting in many people who will make very little contribution both in-game or out), or they can do this.  Doing it this way means that people who are really interested in playing the game and testing it and submitting bugs & feedback will do so, and Trion makes some advance money out of this which helps continue to fund development on the title that isn’t making money yet.

And let’s be real here, the value is pretty good.  The credits they give you for the Archeum Pack are worth $75 and the game time is worth about $45 based on a $14.99 subscription.  So that’s worth $120 AND you get all those extra perks and alpha and beta access.  As someone who recently paid $80 for the digital Imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online and got a game that was also buggy and had less content, I think these Founders Packs are fair. But, maybe I’m just a fangirl.



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