Got My First Farm in ArcheAge


One thing about ArcheAge that has intrigued me from the beginning is the concept of farming.   There are countless seeds to plant and things to grow, and you will need to grow these things in order to craft and trade and make things for yourself.  You can raise crops and plants but also animals, which I find adorable.  I am a Firran and I’m not sure if other races start out in different areas of the world (I am still learning this game) but for me, I was given my first farm as part of an instructional quest line in Tigerspine Mountains right outside the little town of Anvilton.


In the screenshot above you can see my little farm, which is a small patch of land protected (and marked) by a scarecrow.  I have four crops here in this soil.  One thing I found interesting is that crops require a certain climate to grow, so you may have to either have multiple farms or grow things in public farms in different areas so that you can grow all the things you need to. Or, you can trade with other players. 🙂  You can buy seeds from vendors for both crops and also you can purchase saplings from vendors as well, which allows you to grow trees (which you can chop down for logs, which are used to build things in carpentry).  There are also certain seeds that you can only buy in particular locations in the world.  Basically, farming is very involved and very much a part of the game’s economy and other systems.  Which is neat!




Basically, I am enjoying my little ArcheAge farm so far. I’m planting things that will actually help me out and not just satisfy quest requirements, which is great.  I’m loving the animals, and really enjoying the “screenshot mode” which lets you free the camera and get neat images.  In fact, have some more images because animals are CUTE.





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  1. I’d never even heard of this game prior to you posting about it but I’m now 99 percent sure I’d like to play it. That scarecrow is just adorable and it has goats…. you can’t go wrong with goats.

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