A Few ArcheAge Screenshots

I streamed ArcheAge last night for a couple hours, so if you’d like to watch my stream feel free to click here.  The most notable event was me getting my Glider for the first time!  Gliders are pretty neat, they basically let you ‘fly’ for short distances without being a 24/7 flying mount, and it’s pretty fun to dive off cliffs while using it.  There all all sorts of advanced levels of gliders which I presume increase the speed and change the appearance, but it seems that those have to be crafted or bought.

Other than that, I harvested my first few crops and tried cooking for the first time.  My baby chicken is now a full-grown hen, but in order to get eggs from her (for a cooking recipe) I need to feed her barley, which I am currently growing.  If you can’t tell how much of a timesink this game will be, that should be a decent indication. 🙂  Finally, I am level 14 now which I consider to be pretty fast progress considering I’ve been faffing around quite a bit and not at all speed leveling.

I’m heading out today for a job interview (yay!) but I wanted to leave everyone with some screenshots before I go!












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