ArcheAge: Why is everything SO adorable?!

The subject line of this post is not a complaint.  I came into ArcheAge not really expecting to be blown away, and ending up realizing that a lot of elements of the game are *exactly* made for me.  But nothing else demonstrates this quite so much as some screenshots of the cuteness.


The screenshot above is of a Snowlion Cub.  ArcheAge has you pick out which cub you want (white, black, or brown I believe) and then you raise it from a tiny little thing into your full fledged grown companion.  You have to give your baby Snowlion some water, dance with it, clean it, and interact with it.  This process happens quickly but I imagine that other baby pets obtained throughout the game will take more time to grow.  They are so cute with their big eyes and their pointy ears!  I squealed when I saw one, and I was so happy to have my own.  They grow fast though….check out my Snowlion now:


There are cute things all over too…I really need to take more screenshots.  Here you can see the baby donkeys and baby horses, which you can raise to become mounts and combat fighters as well:




I need to do a better job of screenshotting things, but it’s difficult to remember while I’m streaming.  If you want to see Day 2 of my ArcheAge journey, complete with some exploration of glider and housing options, head on over here. I’m going to hop back into AA tonight and see what trouble I can get myself into. 🙂

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