ArcheAge, y’all! In the NA alpha!


I was fortunate enough to get into the ArcheAge NA Alpha this week, and I downloaded the client yesterday and hopped right in.  I had watched a few streams (namely, Cohh’s) and was more than a little intrigued by the game, so I’m super excited that I have a chance to really dig in and find out more about it by learning!

So far, I’m level 9 and really enjoying it.  I’ve been just doing the standard quests that are pretty much same-ol same-ol compared to other MMOs, but it’s so exciting to know that there is SO MUCH MORE TO DO out there.  Fishing, animal breeding, farming, being a pirate, building a house, building a ship, you name it.  It’s truly a sandbox, and I can’t wait to see all there is.  I did really enjoy the cute little quest cutscene you can see below:

I streamed the game last night and had a really good time doing it.  If you want to receive an email when I start streaming, give me a follow over at my Twitch page.

My full stream is available as well if you want to see the fun. 🙂

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  1. I just signed up for the beta too, because I am intrigued by an MMO with such an open end-game. Also, Liore showed off the hang gliders. Want!

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