Not Sure How I’m Feeling Anymore about ESO

The last week or so I’ve been laid up with a back/hip injury, so I had some time over the weekend to play The Elder Scrolls Online when I felt good enough to sit in a chair.  While I was pretty positive overall with ESO the last time I wrote, I’m now starting to feel a bit of malaise.  Mostly because I kept running into game breaking quest bugs where I couldn’t progress.  It would be one thing if they were broken delivery quests, but both times they happened this weekend it was on the last step of longer elaborate quest chains with stories that I was genuinely interested in finding out the end result.

It seems like a lot of people are managing to play ESO without running into these problems, and I’m envious of them. For me, it’s been tedious.  I run into these bugs just about every single play session. They aggravate me and I end up logging off and coming back later, after which they have usually resolved themselves.  I’m normally pretty patient with game bugs, but for me — the questing PvE is the sole reason I am playing this game.  I tried jumping into Cyrodiil a couple times and didn’t enjoy myself at all — mostly due to the sheer amount of travelling you have to do in order to find the action.  So when I can’t continue to quest, I get bored and log off.

I could continue to play ESO to level 50 and at least see all of the Daggerfall Covenant story, which is kind of my plan right now. But if I keep having these problems I may just shelve the game and come back at a future date. I don’t get a ton of time to game anymore, so I want the time I do spend to be meaningful and full of progress. Overall, I still feel that ESO doesn’t deserve the bad rap it received — at least from a storytelling and solo-playstyle perspective.  Have some screenshots though just because.




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  1. I’ve only run into a few quest bugs here and there. Mostly I can log out then back in, sometimes log to a different character, then come back and that fixes it. Today’s patch notes also indicated that the DC quest bugs that I’ve seen should be fixed now.

    I noticed that your 2nd screenie is almost identical to one I took a week or 2 ago. Cheesemonger’s Hollow is surprisingly picturesque, isn’t it? <– that's my post in which I had a gajillion screenies that it was a part of 😉

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