Ding 60!


As of last night, Jiraa is level 60 and is headed off to Hellfire Peninsula in Outland to continue her journey.  I remember two situations from way back in the day, many years ago.  When 60 was the max level, I remember how long it felt like it took to get there.  My first 60 was actually a priest, an Undead named Cuppycake who was the very first character that spawned that name.  Being max level felt like such an achievement at the time, and it meant I was finally ready to start raiding Molten Core with my guild.  I also distinctly remember when The Burning Crusade released and my first time entering through the mythical Dark Portal.  The sky in Hellfire Peninsula was absolutely stunning, with its parallax layers, spherical planets, and galactic feeling. I remember feeling for the first time like I’d actually stepped into a whole new world.


Level 60 also means something else this time around — the ability to fly!  I’ve gotten so used to ignoring the Y-axis while playing this priest that it’s really odd to finally be able to fly.  But it feels like a rite of passage that I’m excited to have achieved.

Most of my XP from 57-60 was done in Blasted Lands, which received a bit of re-design love in Cataclysm and was actually an enjoyable place to level. 


blastedlandsI also got Exalted with our guild, which gave me two achievements (one for being exalted with the guild, the other for raising one reputation to exalted).

repWe did a guild run of Lower Blackrock Spire last night, and it was god awful.  I couldn’t remember where to go so we were all over the place.  As my friend said, “Blizzard should hire a cartographer”.  The map for LBRS is absolutely horrible.  I know this zone might be fun for those who did it back in vanilla WoW, but for people who are basically going through it for the first time, it’s an atrocity.  However, I remembered that Mother Smolderweb drops this awesome spider pet so I’m going to stealth back in there on my Druid and kill her to get it. 🙂  I lost the roll this time….

Anyway, that’s my adventures in WoW! Looking forward to doing some TBC dungeons.



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