Jiraa the Hallowed

Aside from having horrible latency last night (5,000+ms!) in WoW, I’ve been having a really great albeit casual time in WoW.  My husband and I keep talking about how relaxing it is to play this game.  I’m sure that changes at the max level raiding and heroic content, but so far playing my little Priest has been a stress relieving activity.  Healing in the lowbie dungeons as a Disc Priest is easy and I enjoy helping out with DPS as well.  Say what you will about WoW’s casualification over the years, but it’s become the exact kind of game that I want to play.  No matter how much time I have, whether it is a full day marathon or an hour here and there, there is plenty to do.  Which leads me to…the screenshots!



I know pretty much everyone else has already completed the Halloween achievements, I somehow slacked on most of them and had to do many hours of achievement-hunting to finally get my title, The Hallowed!  I was pretty excited to do this one because I really enjoy titles and nothing was particularly difficult. However, my last achievement for the meta was the one where I had to put pumpkin heads on a player of every single race.  I did six battlegrounds in a row and couldn’t find a Draenei for the life of me!  I was standing around sulking outside Undercity when a yellow-named person walked up and happened to be a space goat!  So I quickly tossed a pumpkin on her head and hurrah – I got the “Check Your Head” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name” achievements completed. =)

With that, Halloween events are completed.  I will just fly around on my broom and wear a pumpkin-head as much as possible until the event is over.



Next, I needed to quest a bit because I’d fallen behind my cohorts in leveling.  I was 49 and everyone else was well into their 50’s!  So I decided to hit up Felwood because I have never completed that questing achievement.  I was taken completely by surprise at the lore-oriented quest sequence that I stumbled into, complete with reenactments of Arthas vs. Illidan, the death of Tichondrius, and a cameo by Tyrande and Malfurion.  This little event actually made me feel sorry for Illidan, which is the first time the game has elicited that kind of reaction from me.  Typically I am firmly in the Malfurion camp!  I recommend checking out the questlines in Felwood as they were actually an enjoyable experience.



questsI headed into Winterspring next, which was a pretty good place to level aside from the annoying “Kill 15 __________” set of Nesingwary-style quests in the northern part of the zone.  I flew by this one pretty quickly and ended up at level 57, which is not bad.  Many of the mobs in Winterspring have the chance to drop e’ko, which gives you a random buff such as increased HP or run speed.  I managed to get all of the buffs and got an achievement for it.


quests2Next up I’m going to head to Blasted Lands until level 58 and then head into Hellfire Peninsula to start the trek through The Burning Crusade experience.  I’m pretty excited to do those dungeons again because I quite enjoyed them.  I missed most of the level 50 dungeons though, so my group and I will have to go back through them for the guild achievements and personal achievements.





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