[WoW] Sunday Funday


Yesterday the husband and I spent some time playing our Blood Elves together.  We decided that we’d quest for a change of scenery, and I suggested we head to Arathi Highlands because I needed both the questing and exploration achievements there.  I hoped that the zone would have undergone some kind of transformation with Cataclysm, and I was disappointed to say the least.  It doesn’t seem that anything has changed in Arathi…if anything it was very minor.   I always liked the look of the zone, with the grasslands and the rain.  But it wasn’t a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours.

The quests in Arathi are laid out poorly, requiring too many trips into that Stromgarde Keep, and so much running around.  Also, there were only two other people questing in the zone, but the respawn time was way too short so we found ourselves standing around waiting for repop way too often.  But I managed to get the achievement for questing there AND leveled to 29.

Another thing I did over the weekend was respect to Discipline instead of Holy.  I’ve never played a Disc priest before, and people on Twitter highly suggested that I go Disc.  I don’t have a ton of different abilities yet, but it seems like it might be a nice change of pace.

On the way to Arathi, I stopped in Hillsbrad and did the most HILARIOUS quest.  Basically, you have to stand there like a quest NPC with an exclamation mark over your head, and fake players come accept quests for you.  It’s a total satire about MMO questing and player behavior, and I found it pretty hysterical.

Jiraa standing as a quest NPC, awaiting excited 'players'.
Jiraa standing as a quest NPC, awaiting excited ‘players’.

Finally, I ventured over to Northern Barrens on my Pandaren, Macadamiah, and did a bit of questing.  Excited to see what’s changed in this zone.  I found it highly amusing that you can see panda belly buttons when they wear belly shirts.  SO CUTE.


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