Guess who is baaaaaaack?

So here I was, trudging along and having a great time in Final Fantasy XIV.  Mere minutes away from getting my first chocobo mount.  And then I get dinner with a pair of game developer friends and they tell me that they were planning to return to WoW and roll up new characters.  Pardon my french, but ‘oh fuck’.  I’d just finally put WoW behind me and moved on to “the new hot thing”.  I was super gung ho about FFXIV.  I love it.  

My Blood Elf Priest, Jiraa.
My Blood Elf Priest, Jiraa.

However, everyone I know who plays it is so far ahead of me or on another server.  I can never devote enough time to stay caught up with people.  And I’m not going to turn down an opportunity to game with my husband, because I tried to get him to WoW with me many times over the last year and he always refused.  So now my husband, my best friend, and two other great friends are now playing an awesome full group and dungeoning our way through the game.  It’s great to be home.  

No matter what games I play, I will always feel at home when I’m logged into WoW.  Everything just makes sense and feels right.  For anyone who has quit in the past couple of years, WoW has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation and feels new and fresh and fun again, without losing the charm that makes it World of Warcraft.  There are new stories, new zones, new abilities and talent trees, new dungeons, new professions, you name it.  This game has so much content that I could never run out of things to do, even if I could play 60 hours a week.  So, I think I am on a hiatus from FFXIV while my MMO gaming time is devoted to this game that all my friends are playing. 🙂

I’m currently playing a Blood Elf Priest, who is level 25 right now.  However, I rolled up a Pandaren Shaman who is level 13 and I’m trying to decide if I want to swap my current ‘main’ to her because the Resto Shaman class is pretty fun!  Though I don’t have totems yet, which makes me sad.  I thought they were a staple of the Shaman class?  Shouldn’t I have totems right away?  Anyway, I digress.  My Blood Elf is cute but I don’t really *love* the race, except they look good in practically all cloth gear they put on, so that’s a plus.   We made a small guild just the 5 of us called We Are Nutz (and some of us are named after peanuts, pistachios, and macadamias) and it’s fun getting guild achievements and upgrading our gear together.  The only problem is that two of them are using the Recruit-a-Friend feature and they have incredibly fast XP bonus happening, and those of us who are flying solo cannot keep up!

My adorable Pandaren Shaman, Macadamiah.
My adorable Pandaren Shaman, Macadamiah.

Expect more posts about our charades back in Azeroth!  🙂  It’s time to level this little Shammy.

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