Generalizing a bit more, no longer WoW specific

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve poked my head in and blogged here and I’m sure I’ve lost just about all the readers that I ever had.  Life has gotten pretty manic since I last wrote here in October: my fiance and I bought our first house, the holidays happened, there has been a lot of travel and excitement, I’ve been showing my horse, had a few out-of-town visitors, and I’ve been working at my day job.  I’ve also basically put World of Warcraft on the backburner — it’s no longer my ‘main squeeze’.  I’m sure that I’ll be back someday, but I don’t want to let this space just fester while I’m out touring other MMOs and PC games.  So with that, CuppyVille will transform just slightly.

I’m going back to my roots and writing about general MMO and PC gaming mayhem.  It’s not going to be an informative space with guides and tips & tricks (unless it fancies me).  Instead, it will be a glimpse at the games I’m currently playing, my thoughts on gaming news as a whole, and a mess of screenshots from the worlds that I’m currently exploring.  I hope that the few of you who used to read my site will still stick around and entertain the idea of exploring many worlds.

Right now, I’m aimlessly playing many different games.  I started playing EverQuest last week, but didn’t make it very far.  I loaded up EverQuest II and I now have a level 8 Beastlord who is a lot of fun so far.  I installed TERA for the first time and I am enjoying a level 5 Archer currently (though her lack of battle-ready armor is another post in itself).  I also reinstalled Lord of the Rings Online and I’m planning to poke my head back in to see what’s going on in the world of hobbits, elves, and dwarves.  And finally, I’m still playing League of Legends whenever I get the chance.

I’m sure that I’ll be back to WoW in the future as I never did make it to level 90 and I have plenty more to see and do in the world of Azeroth.  But for now I’m enjoying my time in other new worlds and trying to get myself into trouble.  Will you join me? 🙂

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