Remember When I Used To Blog Here?

Ah jeez, it's been a minute hasn't it? Or you know, almost a year..... You know what's interesting -- despite not having a ton of time to play games (I literally sometimes go weeks without playing a game), I still follow the MMO blogosphere religiously. I read just about every post (except ones about EVE, sorry... Continue Reading →

Not going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

A bunch of other bloggers are transmogging their gear to be pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  I'm certainly not going to judge them for their actions and I definitely understand the sentiment behind it and I think it's an honorable one.  However, I simply do not care for what "breast cancer awareness month"... Continue Reading →

My Several Identities…revealed!

    It has come to my attention that my several sectors of online life are more separate than I thought they were!  Both Navimie (see above) and Redcow didn't realize who I am, despite reading both of my blogs!  It's not something I'm hiding, so I'll share it here just in case anyone else... Continue Reading →

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