An evening in Lord of the Rings Online

In the past, I’m not sure that I’ve given Lord of the Rings Online a fair shake.  After all, I’ve always found the world to be incredibly beautiful and the classes are intriguing and I do love the fantasy setting.  But for some reason, MMOADD kicks in every time I try it and I’ve never gotten above level 11.  I’m trying to make it this time, and I’m playing on Landroval, the server that is supposed to be the “unofficial RP server” and also supposed to have the highest amount of mature players.  I made a Lore-master, a pet class that seems to be pretty entertaining.

Each time I play LotRO, I am amazed by the interactivity and excitement of the new user experience.  I love the flow from open world to instance, and I enjoy the story so much that I felt myself getting wrapped up in what will happen next.  In a genre of games that often has stale stories and uninteresting lore (read: RIFT) I appreciate this so very much. I also am in love with the attention to detail in the world, such as the music and sound effects that immerse you completely into the world.

I’m level 7 now and just starting to adventure beyond the introductory area.  Here is a set of screenshots from my experience so far! 🙂







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