I Refuse to Believe that MMOs are Dead

(First off, an apology.  I have basically all but disappeared over here, but life + work + other projects have come into play, and good ol' CuppyVille has to sit aside while more important things come first.) When we last spoke, I was pretty enamored with WildStar.  I even made some kind of proclamation on... Continue Reading →

Faffing about in various worlds

This past month I've felt kind of lost.  I've been roaming around, patching up various MMOs and other games, dipping my toes in but not really feeling that warm sunshiney feeling of true enjoyment in any games I've been playing.  I've also totally blogfaded as of late, because when I'm not super engaged in a... Continue Reading →

[LotRO] Screenshot Dump!

SimCity was crapping out on me all night, so I spent some time roaming around in Lord of the Rings Online.  I'm level 9 now and I just got my first trait.  I'm sort of just questing around along with exploring and I just learned how to craft (which seems the same as WoW's crafting,... Continue Reading →

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