A MoP Bucket List Update


Two of my bucket list items before Mists of Pandaria were completed tonight.  I finally became geared up enough to queue for LFR, and went on a raid with my guild of Deathwing and Wyrmrest Temple.  This was really exciting for me, because I have somehow completely avoided spoilers about the Deathwing fight.  For someone who loves the game’s lore as much as I do, the cutscenes were a real treat, as was seeing the Aspects again.


I even secured a weapon from Deathwing tonight.  🙂

I also did the three new Caverns of Time dungeons as well over the past few days, which was an amazing experience.  One reason that WoW continues to bring me back is for the story, and getting to fight Azshara alongside Malfurion, Tyrande, and Illidan was like acting a part in my favorite movie.  I thought these dungeons were challenging yet fast and rewarding, and really enjoyed the experience.  I understand a lot of this is “old hat” to people, but it’s all still so new to me.  I’m very behind on Cataclysm, but I think I’m in good shape for MoP to come out.

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Darkmoon Faire, trying to collect enough currency to purchase an old Druid replica set  I’m not sure which one yet, but I have a few in mind 😉  I’ve been running a bit of Strat to try to get the mount, and I also finally maxed my fishing out to 525!  And, fished up a Sea Pony!

I’m nowhere near running out of things to do, yet.  Mists of Pandaria could hold off awhile and I’d be JUST fine. 😉

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