One toon, multiple guilds?

I was thinking earlier tonight, and usually that’s a bad thing.  But I was actually wondering if the concept of being in a single guild is an antiquated one, and if the world (of Warcraft of course) wouldn’t be a better place if we could be in multiple.  Hear me out here.

I love my guild, I really do.  They’re super fun but I noticed that many of them log off by the time I’m just getting started.  It’s not that I’m on the wrong timezone server, it’s just that I play later than many people.  I would love if I could keep my chat window full of green text while I’m playing, yet still attend all the awesome guild events that Reckoning has.  Another example is while I was browsing the WrA forums, and I saw a thread about a neat sounding Tauren RP guild called The Windsong Herd.  I’d love to be able to partake in that IC guild chat and enjoy the events that THEY hold as well as my own guild’s.  It kind of makes me feel sad knowing that there are all kinds of neat RP guilds out there.  Picking just one is hard!

This would enable people to join a raiding guild and a social guild if they would like.   Not getting what you want out of WoW?  Find an additional guild that could help you find that.  Or maybe you want to PvP, but only rarely.  When interested in PvPing, you could open up your “PvP Guild” tab and read what’s going on in the world of smashing player faces.  Want to have a guild you’re leveling just for your friends and family without losing the connection you have with other non-RL friends on the server?  Or maybe you want to join a leveling guild while you’re leveling up, but you want to be in a raiding guild prepped for hitting 85.  There are many options.  Sure there would be problems.  The big one is that all the best guilds would have thousands of members because everyone would want a part of them.  You’d never really get to know the people and cliques would definitely form.  I feel there has to be some way it could be pulled off though.

One close analogy is the virtual world Second Life.  You can join “groups” which basically function as guilds – you get your own spaces, your own group voice and text chat, and you can put the group name below your avatar’s name above your head when you’re wandering around the world.  Groups do tend to be quite large, but I actually think it works really well.  I am in a few groups there, some related to my interests (horses, LGBT rights, etc.) and others are related to places I love to visit within the world.

What do you think?  Could being in multiple guilds ever be possible, and would you like if it was?

5 thoughts on “One toon, multiple guilds?

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  1. I’d love to have multiple guilds. I remember a few years back I had all my alts in two separate guilds and I spent a lot of time going back and forth. One was an RP guild and one was a social guild. It drove me batty to RP on a character from the social guild with my guildies from the RP guild and not see its guild chat.

    Semi-related, but the leader of The Windsong Herd is very nice. If you ask him, I’m sure he’d throw you an invite to some of their RP events. Also, if you haven’t heard of yet, you can go there and find people on the RP Networking post if you’re looking for people to Rp with or even just to do other things with in game. WrA has chat channels people use a lot. I haven’t played hordeside in awhile so I have no clue what they are now, but if you ask around, you should be able to find some. There used to be a night owl one. I miss it. 😦

  2. Do not quote me on this, but I “think” Guild Wars 2 is offering that feature. If that’s the case, I’m sure Blizzard will have a finger on the pulse to see how popular it is and what kind of success it has (versus possible aggravations).

      1. I know they have cross-server guilds and when I mentioned that to someone they said something about multiple guilds for a toon. Need to confirm this for myself as well.

  3. That’s really a nice idea, one that normally goes against what I think of guilds. I think if I ever had s second guild it would be one guild full of bloggers and be on another server. Like a home away from home! One that other bloggers could join and we could do cool things like blog or wow events. Ok I’m talking like a crazy now…

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