Silvennya joined a guild!

Remember that Night Elf Druid that I started named Pawtopsy?  Well, I ended up paying to have her name change (yes, at level 17.  I’m lazy and didn’t want to reroll) and now I have joined up with an all-Night Elf roleplaying guild called Lineage of the Moon.  It was definitely the most interesting guild application process I have experienced.

The guild is mostly in-character, other than their guild chat.  To actually gain entrance into the guild, I had to roleplay with one of the officers in Darnassus.  I haven’t done that much roleplaying, but I am super excited to learn and get more comfortable with it.  That is the main reason that I joined this guild.  I had been watching some of their members roleplaying in Darnassus and thought they seemed like nice people to learn from.  They also have tons of events so that there is always something going on, which I’m excited about.

So now, Silvennya is a level 17 Druid in Lineage of the Moon. 🙂

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