20 Days of WoW Blogging, Day 3: My first day playing WoW

This is an easy post for me to write, because I remember my first day in Azeroth so vividly.  I had been invited to the beta some months before, but was too enthralled with the EverQuest universe and therefore was playing in the EverQuest II beta instead.  One day, I decided to log in and randomly try this World of Warcraft thing, and remember being absolutely awestruck.

My first ever character was a Night Elf Priest named Zodiak.  I spent quite some time picking and changing her appearance, trying to make her as perfect as I could.  The intro music had this feeling of epic anticipation, and I remember being excited (although I wouldn’t admit it to my then-boyfriend, because he was pro-WoW and I was firmly in the EQ camp). The first time the game loaded me into Teldrassil, I could barely breathe.  It was one of the most beautiful zones I had ever seen.

Teldrassil is one of the most immersive zones in WoW as far as I’m concerned, certainly one of the best looking starting areas.  Immediately, you get a feel for what “your people” are like.  Their architecture is unique, the NPCs feel older and wiser than you, and the world has this beautiful whimsical color to it.  The deep blues and purples, the blue wisps floating around, the trees that canopy the whole zone, and that giant tree Nordrassil.  I loved the quests and I loved my starting ability and how reactive the game was to hotkey presses.  I just instantly became in love with WoW, and despite many attempts to return to EQ2, it never gave me that breathtaking feeling that I felt in Teldrassil.

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  1. I was so glad that they didn’t really touch Teldrassil with Cataclysm. Teldrassil and Ashenvale were always two of my favorite zones. The music there was amazing as well. Ahh nostalgia. =)

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