Liebster Award Questionaire!

Apparently, I’ve been nominated for Liebster award — which means that Belghast has tagged me with the task of answering some questions on this here very blog!  Since I’m still trying to get back into blogging, this is a good opportunity for me to do some thinking and lay down some words for y’all.  Thanks Bel!

Bel’s Questions:

What are the three major elements of your ideal video game?

This is a fun question, but man – it’s kind of difficult.  Because I have a few favorite types of video games and sometimes they have absolutely nothing in common.  Sometimes my ideal video game is a fun roguelike where I don’t have to pay too much attention to the story and I can just die over and over.  Sometimes my ideal video game has a lot of competition.  And sometimes it’s a sprawling RPG world.

But I’ll say the first is probably story.  Story is important to me if I’m going to be attached to the game and feel compelled to write about it and engage with it outside the game. It’s what draws me in to the characters and the world and the lore, so it’s why games like WoW and Dragon Age and Mass Effect really appeal to me.  The second is collection.  I love collecting things in games, whether it’s minipets, quests, gear, achievements, you name it.  Having this feeling that I’m amassing some giant stockpile of ‘stuff’ is just always fun for me.  The final element for me is character design.  My ideal video game has fully fleshed out characters with detailed backstories who are believable, diverse, interesting, and preferably female. =)

What’s the origin of your blogging name?

Cuppy is the name that I choose for most things nowadays.  It stemmed from Cuppycake, which was the character I chose for my Undead Priest in WoW when I made her back in 2004.  I decided that I wanted the most cutesy sounding name because it would be ironic compared to my ugly Undead character with her jaw hanging off and her bones sticking out.  Since then, Cuppy has stuck.  My original MMO blog was Cuppytalk and I’ve chosen to keep the name ever since.

What is your favorite biome?


Easy.  Jungly Forests.  Not dark scary forests like Silverpine, but forests like Feralas. Lush, green, full of vines, hills, random flowers.  Bright green palette.  A place where I’m more likely to find whimsical critters than big baddies.  Mushrooms and butterflies rather than icky swamps.

What is your favorite genre of movie?

Documentaries, actually.  I watch a TON of documentaries.  Basically anything that hits Netflix or Amazon Prime, I’ve seen it.  I love dark, gripping, chilling ones mostly.  Things about illnesses, crime, psychiatric disorders, class and war issues, things like that.  I also like docs about occupations I know nothing about, or about food & nutrition, politics, you name it.  Some of my favorites include Virunga, Dear Zachary, There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane, man….the list goes on.  Love them!

How did you get started blogging?

Well, technically — I wanted to join in the MMO conversation so I started Cuppytalk in 2006.  Then I got a job in the industry in 2007 and stopped blogging as much, but I enjoyed evoking debate and starting shit.  I don’t know why, but being adversarial was always my thing.  Picking fights and such.  I was fiercely opinionated about games, but all that has been tempered since actually joining the game industry and seeing how things REALLY work. 😉 But before that, I wrote on MySpace blog, LiveJournal, Xanga, you name it. I’ve always enjoyed having an ‘online diary’ of sorts.

What is your fondest childhood memory?

My fondest memory is probably the day I found out I was getting my first horse. I was 11, and I’d been taking riding lessons since I was 6 and daydreaming about horses ever since.  I was spending all my waking hours at the barn, wishing I had a horse of my own.  I used to write a diary on a typewriter, pretending I had a pony or horse and making up stories about it.  Finally, my mom worked out a deal to get me a horse through her employer, the St. Paul Police Department, which had a mounted police program.  What she didn’t realize was that the horse was a reject.  He didn’t work because he was…well…kind of crazy.  I used to fall off of him all the time, but I loved him to pieces and he basically made my childhood a dream come true. I don’t have a single memory of him, but Rocky crafted my preteen and teenager years and I still to this day have to own a horse to be happy. 🙂

What is your favorite in game “mount” and why?

I don’t know why…but I don’t actually have one.  I really like the plain ol’ horses, like some of the LotRO horses and there’s even a horse or two in RIFT that I really like.  WoW mounts tend to be too fantastical for my liking, but just  having plain horses and ponies would make me happy.  If I had to name one though – it’s my Sparklepony. I remember when that horse went for sale it looked like it would be limited, like they only had so many to sell and if I didn’t pay $30 or whatever for it – I’d lose my chance forever.  I love that thing and still ride it in WoW to this day.

Do you collect “mini pets” in game, and if so do you have a favorite?

Yes, I do, but not nearly as obsessively as others.  In WoW I collect them, and my favorite is my Fluxfire Feline that I got from the Gnome? starting area.  I love it because it’s robotic and cool and it’s a rare, and it just seems like a cool pet.

Cats, dogs, or something else?

Horses. But I also have three dogs (two Boxers and a Min Pin) and I love them to pieces.  So let’s just say ALL ANIMALS.

Describe your relationship with your automobile?

Eh, it’s a car.  It’s a hand-me-down from my husband (though it’s’s a 2011 Mazda 3 hatchback) but it’s not the car of my dreams that I would pick out.  But it’s a good car with good gas mileage and it makes a good barn vehicle with the hatch.  I don’t have a name for it or anything.

What role of the holy trinity of tank/dps/healer fits your personality most?

Oh jeez. Probably dps, because I’m frantic and clumsy and I tend to do damage everywhere I go.  I’m loud and front of the line though too, so maybe tank?  And I also am deeply empathetic and care for people, so maybe healer too. I don’t know, I think I break the bounds and kind of represent all of them. =D

Well, there we go!  These were fun to answer, but I have to admit that I don’t really know anyone to tag.  I don’t follow a ton of MMO blogs anymore, and the ones I do have mostly already been tagged.  So, I’ll just leave it here and enjoy reading the posts from around the blogosphere!

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