Sir Murkalot

I logged in last night and was excited to see that my Blizzcon (digital pass) pet was delivered to my mailbox!  Murkalot is absolutely adorable — he’s a little murloc with a set of armor and a shield.  I basically love him.  He has all sorts of cute animations too, so I pretty much want to keep him forever and ever.

WoWScrnShot_110613_211333I also managed to ding 67 by heading out to Blade’s Edge Mountains to do a bit of questing.  I kill things so fast on my priest, it’s just impressive!  Even in a healing spec (Disc) I feel like a tear through mobs way faster than my Resto Druid ever did.  It’s refreshing.  I’ve been working on leveling up my tailoring and enchanting as well, and I’m almost 350 in both of them.  I’ve also been working on my Darkmoon Faire dailies, though I haven’t really made more than a mental list of what things I want to buy with the tickets anyway. I was thinking maybe some of the pets, but the replica gear is nice too, as are the mounts.  Argh, decisions!


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