[FFXIV] My first pair of dungeons!

Tonight, the main quest of FFXIV had me venture into two different dungeons.  They were pretty neat!  They both had some kind of prereq mechanics like unlocking things before you can enter the next room, which I didn’t have to worry about since I was hanging in the back healing.  I did Sastasha and The Tam Tara Deepcraft and they were both varied and interesting.

Healing as a CNJ is fun.  I only have two heal spells at my disposal right now, and I love love love targetting with the controller and healing without using a mouse to target.  It’s surprisingly easier and I feel more effective than I ever really did with a mouse/keyboard.  I love swapping to cast my Aero (DoT) or my Stone (DD) without losing my main tank target.

I also dinged level 18 tonight, so I’m pretty sure that means I only have two more levels until I can ride around on my Chocobo!







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