Brushing off the dust

Hey, remember when I blogged here about games and stuff? It's been three whole years since my last post, and boy howdy has there been some STUFF that's gone on in my life. I moved to Austin, TX in summer 2007I met my now-husband shortly after thatWe got married in a tiny perfect ceremonyMy 5... Continue Reading →

Rejoining the Blogosphere

Hello Again It's been a long time since I've blogged regularly. I've never stopped gaming, but for some reason Twitter has become the main place that I talk about that part of my life.  I do miss interacting in comments and having a sort of 'living memoir' for my gaming experience, so I've decided to... Continue Reading →

I Refuse to Believe that MMOs are Dead

(First off, an apology.  I have basically all but disappeared over here, but life + work + other projects have come into play, and good ol' CuppyVille has to sit aside while more important things come first.) When we last spoke, I was pretty enamored with WildStar.  I even made some kind of proclamation on... Continue Reading →

[FFXIV] My Little Chocobo

Not a whole lot of time to post....but I just wanted to say that I'm super excited that I got my very own CHOCOBO finally 🙂 I spent some time doing Grand Company Levequests today in order to finally get the last 1,000 company seals that I needed to turn in for my Chocobo mount.... Continue Reading →

[FFXIV] My first pair of dungeons!

Tonight, the main quest of FFXIV had me venture into two different dungeons.  They were pretty neat!  They both had some kind of prereq mechanics like unlocking things before you can enter the next room, which I didn't have to worry about since I was hanging in the back healing.  I did Sastasha and The... Continue Reading →

Still Enamored With FFXIV

Well gosh darn it, just when I thought I had moved away from MMOs (yeah right) this little surprise popped up.  I feel bad for being such a naysayer before FFXIV even launched, but I've heard it all when it comes to pre-launch hype.  I didn't expect that I'd be playing FFXIV, much less enjoying... Continue Reading →

FFXIV: My Early Reactions

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a game that basically snuck up on me.  I mean, I knew it was coming, and I had friends who were raving about it a few months ago.  But as someone who never played a Final Fantasy MMO, my gut instinct told me that it would be a... Continue Reading →

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