Leveling in Pandaria: My Worry as a Resto Druid

Here we are, a week away from a brand new expansion where I’m going to desperately try to stay caught up and not fall behind like I have in the last three expansions.  The Grumpy Elf posted a blog today about leveling in MoP and there is one line from it that concerns me greatly:

Sell off that offspec stuff.  No need for your healing set, unless you plan to do dungeons, which I must warn you, is a horrible way to level.  Not to mention that you can no longer pick quest rewards so if you are questing as your DPS spec you will get DPS gear and your healing set will be outdated in no time.  Sell it.

I’m a resto Druid, and I have a cat offspec.  This makes it sound like if I quest as a feral cat, I’ll only get quest gear for my DPS spec therefore I will be woefully undergeared for healing dungeons.  But I can’t exactly quest as Resto can I, considering it’s not a very solo-friendly spec?  And dungeons aren’t a good way to level according to him (although, I don’t want to only do dungeons anyway, I want to quest because that’s what I enjoy most in WoW).

How are healers planning to deal with this?  Just get DPS gear through questing and then run dungeons at level 90 to try to get their healie set?  I don’t quite get it.

Edit: I should have read more in his post.  He covers this:

If you really want to heal or tank dungeons but level as DPS and are not getting healing or tanking gear, no worries, many villages you stop at will have vendors that sell gear equivalent to that areas quest rewards.  So with some gold you can buy yourself any healing or tanking gear you really want.  All the stuff is very reasonably priced as well, so go for it.  Also good if your character was not well geared to begin with or for later when you are leveling a fresh character through here that did not have the benefit of being in all 397/410 gear to start.

Oops!  Well that makes a lot of sense.  🙂  Nevermind!

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